Visualize BRS/EBS Whitespace Licenses with Airwave

ZevBy Zev Stravitz

One of the most popular features on the Airwave platform is the BRS/EBS visualizer, which allows you to analyze the shape and licensed population for licenses in any channel block in BRS/EBS.

We're thrilled to leverage this momentum by introducing market-based (also known as "whitespace") license visualization for BRS/EBS.

Typically, such analysis demands complex GIS software for mapping, followed by the reconciliation of geometries with population datasets. The overlap of co-channel licenses, including point-based GSAs, tribal-land licenses, and market-based (whitespace) licenses, meant that accurately generating license shapes required deep familiarity with FCC rules.

Airwave transforms this process into a seamless experience with an intuitive point-and-click interface, allowing analyses to be completed in seconds.

And because the platform automatically syncs with the FCC, all recently granted licenses from auction 108 are included.

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