Our Team

  • Zev Stravitz


    Former product engineer at Rutter. Previously at Microsoft working on cloud services. Focus in API's, data reconciliation, and database management. Graduated with B.S. in C.S. from Northwestern University. Based in NYC.

  • Michael Weinberger


    Former CTO of Prism Technologies. Previously at Capital One and Lyft. 5+ years of experience in web scraping and web-services architecture. Graduated Magna cum Laude with B.S. in C.S. from University of Maryland, College Park. Based in NYC.

  • Steven Stravitz


    CEO of Spectrum Management Consulting with 30+ years of experience in business strategy, technology operations and regulatory matters. Former VP of Marketing at LCC. Based outside of Washington DC.

A Note from the Founders:

At Airwave Research, we believe that obtaining accurate, rigorous, and clear answers to questions about spectrum should be straightforward. The complexity of the telecommunications industry and reliance on government services, which are often opaque, frequently create barriers to accessing crucial information, making it challenging to make informed decisions confidently. We understand these frustrations, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to simplify the process.

Our combination of telecommunications expertise and software skills has equipped us with the tools to create the most advanced spectrum research platform on the planet. Airwave is used by spectrum owners, investors, consulting firms, and law firms. We are proud of these accomplishments and are committed to continuing to refine the platform to ensure that you can focus on what truly matters — making strategic decisions that drive success.

Thank you for trusting us as your partner in spectrum research. We will continue developing innovative solutions that make complex questions easier to answer.

The Airwave Research Team