Announcing the Airwave Valuation Module

TeamBy the Airwave Team

We are thrilled to announce our most significant update since the original release of Airwave: the Valuation module.

Airwave is the best platform to understand who owns what spectrum where. Now, Airwave is also the best platform to understand what spectrum is worth.

Valuing spectrum is notoriously challenging. Transactions are sparse, details are often undisclosed, and public information can be difficult to trace back to original assets. Furthermore, changes over time, such as ecosystem shifts, demographic changes, or increased demand for certain bands can complicate valuation.

The Airwave Valuation module:

  • Utilizes data from 37 auctions and 30 secondary transactions
  • Determines the cost basis of licenses, estimates the CAGR for secondary transactions, and makes market-adjusted price assessments
  • Flags rules and regulations impacting band pricing, including license periods, buildout requirements, and out-of-band and spurious emission regulations
  • Allows you to assign prices to bands and blocks through our Valuation Profiles feature, facilitating the valuation of company holdings.

We’ve built the module from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the Airwave platform.

If you want access, contact us through our website at

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