Improving our License Search

TeamBy the Airwave Team

When we set out to make it easier for anyone to answer questions about spectrum ownership, we noticed that the ULS failed to provide information at the aggregate level, so this is where we chose to start. Answering questions like:

  • “What is Verizon’s national spectrum depth in 28Ghz?”
  • “Who is the top owner of n70 spectrum in Los Angeles County?”
  • “What does Dish lease out nationwide?”

Today, Airwave executes on this vision better than any tool on the market.

But what we found from speaking with customers is that even with the ULS, the experience of searching for individual licenses and applications was also broken. The ULS is excruciatingly slow, shows inaccurate shapes for some bands, has old population data, and sometimes goes down completely.

So we decided to expand the functionality of our individual license search. We now enable users to filter the map view based on frequency ranges and show buildout requirements, leases, and contact information for the associated entity. You can also save specific license searches to return to later. We plan to go further in the coming weeks to integrate application data into our search capabilities.

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