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In the evolving world of telecommunications, staying ahead means having access to the most accurate and up-to-date spectrum data. As a pioneering platform, Airwave is set to transform the landscape of spectrum research and analysis, benefiting a broad spectrum of professionals from regulatory firms to operators. Our platform provides unmatched insights into spectrum ownership, ensuring you stay ahead in this competitive industry.

Getting accurate and useful spectrum data matters

The wireless industry is built upon layers of technological abstraction, but the foundation lies in spectrum. The ability to accurately analyze and understand spectrum ownership is critical for a variety of stakeholders, including spectrum buyers, operators, and regulatory bodies.

  • For spectrum buyers, inaccurate or outdated data means misvalued assets in auctions, where bids can be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • For operators, poor competitive analysis means offering an inferior service in the market.
  • For regulatory approval, having an accurate view of ownership is necessary for mobility spectrum screens.

But getting accurate and useful spectrum data is difficult

Unfortunately, it is difficult for companies to get accurate and useful spectrum data.

The FCC database is complex and poorly documented, with over 10 boundaries used for issuing licenses, making navigation and extraction a daunting task.

Spectrum leasing adds another layer of complexity, where a company may lease spectrum in or out.

Entity registration can be complicated with companies filing through limited partnerships, holding companies, and subsidiaries which obscures their ownership.

Discrepancies between the FCC's radio code designations and those used in private industry (like 3GPP) further complicate the analysis.

With hundreds of transactions occurring weekly, staying current is a persistent challenge.

Current options are outdated and limited

DIY Data Maintenance: While offering control, this option demands significant development and maintenance efforts, often resulting in quickly outdated data.

Off-the-Shelf Products: These may provide convenience but often suffer from infrequent updates, lack of integration, and the necessity to purchase multiple products to avoid a fragmented view.

Outsourcing: Engaging consultants offers customized reporting but at a high time and financial cost, with results that are rigid and quickly outdated.

Introducing: Airwave

Daily FCC Syncs: Ensures you're working with the most current data available.

Advanced Search Capabilities: Easily search by company, frequency bands, or geographic boundaries, tailored to your specific needs.

Instant Mapping: Generate and export maps with boundary presets for visual analysis.

Data Export: Seamlessly export query results to spreadsheets for further analysis.

Collaborative Tools: Invite colleagues with organization-level licenses, fostering teamwork and shared insights.

Where we are going

We're committed to continually enhancing our platform, with a keen focus on workflow automation.

The spectrum screen was our first step in this direction, but we want goal is to streamline the way companies interact with this data across the board.

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