Announcing Our New Tool for 3.45 GHz Spectrum Coordination

MichaelBy Michael Weinberger

We're excited to introduce our 3.45 GHz visualizer which offers insights and support for operators and stakeholders involved with this spectrum.

Why This Tool Matters

The 3.45 GHz spectrum band is auctioned by Partial Economic Areas (PEAs). However, for specific markets, license owners must coordinate with the Department of Defense (DoD) to avoid interference with critical DoD operations. This coordination involves navigating Cooperative Planning Areas (CPAs) and Periodic Use Areas (PUAs), which can be a complex process.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Visualizing Coordination Zones: Our tool offers a clear, intuitive visualization of CPAs and PUAs, allowing operators to see at a glance where DoD coordination is required. This feature helps operators ensure compliance and avoiding costly disruptions.
  2. Calculating Population Coverage: A more accurate representation of the spectrum's availability helps operators identify high-impact areas and make strategic decisions about their network deployments. To view population requiring coordination we provide a national view showing percent covered for all blocks and PEA's, and you can narrow you search by selecting a specific block or PEA, or searching by company.
  3. Enhancing Negotiations: Operators can use this information to negotiate access and usage agreements with the DoD and other stakeholders.
  4. Supporting Compliance: With our tool, operators can proactively manage their networks to align with regulatory requirements, minimizing the risk of interference and maximizing the effective use of their spectrum licenses.

Transforming Spectrum Management

Our new tool is set to improve how operators manage their 3.45 GHz spectrum licenses. By simplifying complex regulatory requirements, supporting strategic decision-making, and enhancing negotiation capabilities, it empowers operators to use their spectrum more effectively.

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